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Nov 17, 2013 11:00am PST
up this idea to have us have a platform trying to bring beverages to them if they don't want to go to the er and then have it as we prepared to see that on the shoulder. what's the one considers that its all we would like to preach. between all members in the second generation ants. i want and that and headed to seoul for it right now we are having with the county more than one hundred members of his soul and paints a doula ninety members of basic gym so i don't think that as i don't think that's what's so i've been a good fit. that's pretty good numbers. still we are with growing more and more because they are bringing the idea. and then passing bell died due to the people the helpful so we have. i was thinking about really. i remember is spending the next two years already. believe me actually you could feel it when you first came up with the idea that you wanted to apply for for the younger generations and what was your reaction for you parents for example i was supposed to will pleasantly surprise. they don't do so would come of this a tag da oh one to find out more about that.
Nov 18, 2013 2:00am PST
into the community. and so i could accrue remember that when i was the adjoining don't see a c program is. i was pretty much the only one photogenic. and the petroleum was up by popularity of course because of athlete that i was still wondering why they're so i'll see you overseas the young talents in the mine told me my aim in germany this and some. i was talking to i met a lot of really million people in taiwan with a postal second generation from us central asia from even brazil and south africa. and so they are they're also very interested in knowing each other and said that connecting to the other second generation and they only know each other because of the of the program does answer the question then of course is how can we close this information gap. among the members and that's why the idea of founding a possible has gone from my pink bouquet and curly sandy you're the president on policies like these and the eu must it be one of the participating members when the organization was first born. i got in my head east. and now maybe yap said because on in the beginning i didn't have th
Nov 25, 2013 2:00am PST
be some skeptics out there saying that you know why don't we. he'll spend resources on educating ill people who may not be sold off or we don't know mobile in the coastal sure you don't have to follow. what you see to that effect. i restate its ok we all like to see a demand that the except noah what. sec re stack is that now what can we do to eliminate the and a lot of people think of that said we should tap the saf so caught the fair tax system. it's not tax the reach of dexter that's something that they it's not actually get something like that. ok now my point of view it's so close we are on the cake ball up the money from the rich people meant distributes them today. for people with pets up the problem not not given the nod not of course not because they will people say one month to month assistant yet. it's easy to spend there what the money they kept moving the team opted to stay a student makes your. that said they have spirit. it's good enough to earn a living now let me tell you a story picked up a electronic book being that seem to his status are pushing to its last night
Nov 10, 2013 11:00am PST
for the motivation to do one or two you don't go to the color hair desert. though placed on many of us have ever been bitten in half and also won the hugo pursue your interests yeti in the study of me or sth. um because you know on friday in a case of a seven min bbc's program in command their stuff. to go pass to the new addition. ok so after the time being cause hearing a lot and thinking about tom collins house net sellers of offspring who was their life. yet so that's why i kinda of familial a style of the race ha on tintin and then we taught that we discuss them not to fathom eating cats and the other two years staff to wear is calm yes the um i just feel i like to kill to see what really happened to don that yet is not from the tv no thank you so then i stopped applying to the home to their club hopping and kept watch it yet. and the esso volunteer program with post the application process what were some of the qualifications that are looking for aria of this leaving home that is set up biology ella zoology and to maintain them. and then secondly of course the hope that there is not too old thi
Nov 3, 2013 11:00am PST
deficit. in all time. don't these protests eastern roman history of japan me jaw and he was traded from cross ice has not been kind to the other because of it in court and that's an increase. saul to trade. i'm turning from trade deficit trace of us getting to look at the see saw me do what he has it that the state i bought cool points to three and embrace again he went to the other day and also its hands are quite into the plain ice explain my pantry and handed her a japanese yen. in twenty twelve tall. seen this yet no one wants to call at one month only and january. it's the great aunt bought one point two the difference yet so i could use it and the dedication of the japanese yen. this is chasing kicking the bill was betrayed to the city's white and all it's all about increasing the price increase will have reached a job on campus and for the council and on top twenty percent for the dog to go home. you suck and no solid victory get some. according to the survey of making and showing that almost seventy percent although the company it sounds pretty cool i'll continue on as an old ma
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)